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Now you can view the New Beginnings Seminar FREE on YouTube:

Session 01 - Discover the Keys To Transformation


Session 02 - How To Deal With Anxiety & Stress



Session 03 - The New You



New Beginnings E-Workbook - $10.   Printed Copy - $25 (includes shipping)

Following along the seminar videos above with the New Beignnings E-Workbook. New Beginnings is a three session seminar with five days of personal work to do per session to help you experience the BREAKTHROUGH and personal life change you have been looking for.


Gallup Strengthsfinder Assessment - $20

Completing the CliftonStrengths online talent assessment is your way to:

    • discover what you naturally do best
    • learn how to develop your greatest talents
    • use your customized results to live your best life


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