Life and Family Coaching

"John...has strengthened my ability to thrive at a higher confident level"

John has made unique and powerful breakthroughs for my family by coaching us as a group. The results were absolutely life changing for my entire family. I've also experienced drug and alcohol interventions John administered, and again he produced life-changing results. Working with John in life, as well as on a number of professional projects, has strengthened my ability to thrive at a higher confident level, expressing more compassion for others.

Mike Shay


Strategic Planning, Big Events Leadership, Public Speaking

"John...exibited great ability to inspire people ... and achieve goals without fail."

I have had the pleasure of working with John Weaver in two different settings; in the ongoing operation of a non-profit organization, and in the planning and execution of a series of special events. In both cases he exhibited great ability to inspire people to accept his goals, to work toward them with tenacity, to organize a team to efficiently manage itself and to achieve the goals without fail. His equanimity, kind leadership and generosity in sharing the credit were highly commendable. He is a strong leader and a skilled, winsome communicator. I recommend John without reservation.

Bob Kilpatrick
 - International Speaker, Singer, Song Writer and Author


Strategist and Consultant

"John uses his insight to cut to the essentials, effect cooperation and inspire people to change."

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with John in two distinct roles: strategist and consultant.

As a strategist, John joined with our board and worked with us to understand our current situation and modify our vision and mission so that we could more effectively utilize current opportunities and position ourselves for the future.

As a consultant, John has worked with me and other members of my team to facilitate strong organizational cooperation and diffuse potentially harmful interpersonal interactions.

John uses his insight to cut to the essentials, effect cooperation and inspire people to change.

It has been a pleasure to work with a man that elicits so much respect. I recommend him highly.

Vance R. Hardisty President Renewal International


Leadership and Business Coaching

"I use John's powerful system to coach hundreds of business owners around the country on principles of success."

It helps them quickly understand and break down the mental blocks that keep them from the WHY. Understanding the WHY opens the mind to the transformational shifts people need to make to get to the next level in their business and personal lives.

Irv Crawl - Focused International


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