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Some Of What You Will Experience:

Part 1:

•Uncover the invisible forces that drive your attitudes and actions.

•Unleash your true-identity and experience your destiny by design.

Part 2:

•Break out of anxiety and fear.

•Break strongholds and debilitating addictions.

•Increase your confidence and courage.

Part 3:

•Learn the process of building on your progress.

•Put the Cycle of Success into action in your own life.

•Discover the joy and fulfilment of making a difference in other’s lives.

Gallup Strength Finder Coaching:

It's Time to discover and operate based on your strengths. Discover a simple yet revolutionary philosophy of life change by discovering and focussing on your strengths.  Based on more than 40 years of research, you will discover what over 20 million people have discovered around the world, "focus on your strengths and manage your weaknesses."


Church, Non-Profit and School Consultant and Strategic Planning:


  • You launch new ministries, but aren’t seeing growth.
  • The same, few leaders are carrying the load.
  • New people show up, but not very many come back.
  • Your leadership lacks a shared dream and plan for the future.
  • There is little or no Passion and Vitality.
  • Or you just need some help geting a new strategic initiative off the ground. 

Jesus designed churches, non-profits and schools to be a powerful force in the world; it’s time to do something about it and Weaver Coaching & Consulting can help bring the vision, structure and passion back with a clear strategy to keep it going.






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